Sonny's Army, is a small recognized charity with HMRC, When we hit 5,000 per Annum we can gain a charity number. This is a dream we want to achieve. Aiming to help parents in hospital with children who are seriously ill.

At the heart of Sonny's Army is a 3 year old boy named Sonny-Lee. He was born with Congenital heart disease, sadly causing his life to be spent undergoing numerous surgeries and also living in hospital for long periods of time. Sonny-Lee was living at the Royal Brompton, who amazingly saved his life!

Sonny-Lee's big sister Bobbie-Jean and Auntie Destiny both noticed just how much Sonny-Lee's parents spent living just in hospital. 

Alot of specialist hospitals do provided accommodation but this was everyday essentials. 

Seven different surgeries later and two cardiac arrests later Sonny-lee is home and doing OK for now.

Sonny-lee's sister Bobbie-jean went on to raise thousands of pounds for the hospital that saved her brother.

Went on also to win;

Magic 105.4 local heroes award

Tendring youth award

Child of courage - Pride of Essex

Then Christmas 2018 'Sonny's Army' was born. 

Destiny and Bobbie-Jean decided to make this dream they had real.

working alongside family and friends to turn Sonny's Army into a charity.

Now, proud founders alongside trustees, they are thriving and working hard to get Sonny's Army noticed and get help for other families like theirs.



Hello, I am Sindy.

I am Destiny's mum, and also Sonny-lee and Bobbie-Jean's grandmother. I am privileged to be chair person of such an amazing cause.

Trustee/Sonny's Mummy

Hello, my name is Danell

I am Sonny-Lee's mummy. I am also Bobbie-jean's mum. I am very proud to be a part of this amazing charity.


Hello! my name is Sarah,

I am a trustee and researcher for Sonny's Army. I am also Sonny-Lee's Proud Godmother.

Sonny's Army