We are proud to announce that we are proudly 

winners of the HOPE catergory 

in the 2020 pride of Essex Awards


Tyrese, has handed 150 of our Emergency packs out, at St Georges in Tooting. Also has been pot collecting in several venues for us too!

Tyrese will be appearing on Channel 4's 24 HOURS IN A&E handing over our packs! Brilliant work Tyrese you have done us proud!

20190603_163410 (1).jpg

We are the proud winners of the

Tendring Youth Awards 2019

' Outstanding Achievement Award' 

thank you to everyone who voted for

us it means the world!

** On the 9th July we got the chance to share our story. We were featured on Channel 5 news,

please do look it up 


Earlier this year, we were given an amazing gift! by a supporter of Sonny's Army.

we were honoured to be given noble titles. 

we are now BARONESSES and Sonny-lee is a LORD. 

what an honour to hold an amazing title!