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We  work alot in our local area, we give out food parcels to the needy. We also hold events locally in the area for the local kids. 

Our 2022 events;

Jubilee Queen 2022

kids sports day

easter bunnies

santas grotto 

and more...

pride 2022

We had the best time at our annual 

Halloween party. 

Working alongside JSR

we had spooky fun and games with local children!

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On saturday 13th Aug 2022 we took Sonny's Army to the clacton carnival. We truly had the best time!

we even were lucky enough to place in every catergory we entered!.

we came 

3rd,  Charitable & voluntary organisation

3rd,  best dressed local registered charity

2nd theme - nursery rhymes

 not bad for the first carnival float in 17 years!!

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